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EP168 - AEW Mash 13: All Out 2022 | CM Punk Explodes!

EP168 - AEW Mash 13: All Out 2022 | CM Punk Explodes!

AEW Mash, Brought to you by The Midweek Mashed Tattie Sportscast, is a Pro Wrestling Podcast recapping all the latest from the world of All Elite Wrestling.

Join Paul, Mick and Harvey as they recap the latest episodes of AEW's weekly Pro Wrestling shows Dynamite and Rampage and give their (often hilarious) reactions to the latest news and shenanigans.

Feel free to join in with the conversation and message us on our socials or leave us a voicemail over on if you have any feedback, questions or talking point suggestions.

Now sit back, relax and prepare to have your Tattie Mashed!


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