The Midweek Mashed Tattie
July 21, 2021

Episode 9 - The Future of Connor McGregor...

Episode 9 - The Future of Connor McGregor...

Join Paul, Mick and Harvey as they bring you along for a long form chat about all things Sport.
This weeks discussion includes Football, Formula 1, Pro Wrestling, MMA and Boxing.

Join the Lads as they talk about all the latest from Football, Pro Wrestling, MMA and more.

Time Stamps for todays talking points:

  • Intro - 0
  • Football - 00.05.30
  • Formula 1 - 00.24.40
  • Wrestling - 00.43.00
  • Fight Talk - 01.12.04
  • TMU: The Future of Connor McGregor - 01.56.20

Feel free to join in with the conversation and message us on our socials if you have any feedback, questions or talking point suggestions.

Now sit back, relax and prepare to have your Tattie Mashed!


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