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Oct. 22, 2021

Paul’s Fantasy Booking #002: The AEW debut of Windham Rotunda…

Paul’s Fantasy Booking #002: The AEW debut of Windham Rotunda…

Recently I challenged myself to an utter doozy, how would I book the AEW debut of Windham Rotunda?

I was a massive Bray Wyatt fan, he was one of the fleeting reasons I continued to watch WWE at the beginning of the last decade, even after they managed to scare CM Punk out of the business. The last 7 years of watching the ‘fed continue to fumble the booking of one of the most creative wrestlers has been massively annoying from a fan’s point of view.

If you agree with my booking you can let me know. I feel like I’ve got the whole world in my hands…

Even on the eve of AEW Dynamite’s debut, the Hell in The Cell debacle still managed to spoil some of the excitement of the first Dynamite for me. Why can’t we just have nice things? Anyway, it’s my turn to book him, but only for a night. Because one thing is for sure, wherever Windham Rotunda ends up, he will have a massive say in his own booking from now on, for better or for worse. Time will tell if a Windham with no stabilisers is a good thing or a bad thing.

So, to the booking of the newly free Mr Rotunda…

The Halloween Episode of Dynamite, I would have Dynamite start as it always does, with a banger of a singles or tag match. Get the crowd hot, then after the break come back with a vignette to get the crowd excited for the debut. Straight off the bat here, I want a properly produced atmospheric vignette for this. Picture the scene, we're back at the mysterious farm estate (The Murderhawk Mansion) where Lance Archer beat up almost 30 people while Jake the Snake watched on from a chair. Like the last time, Mr Roberts having a smoke and laughing, shaking his head. The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer is back in that little beaten down ring, beating up people for fun. Rage filled, he roars "EVERYBODY DIES!" He's back to play Try or Die, the victims are around the ring again. He pulls them in one by one, they can’t defend themselves from this unhinged brute.

I want Jake sitting there, spinning a yarn in the way only he can with that raspy gravelled voice. This is key, I want the camera to show someone is there with Jake, but not show who it is. I only want the camera to show that this unkown person is sitting in a rocking chair... Mr Roberts’s is talking about how he can't control the Murderhawk Monster anymore.

"When business picks up, this man's ears turn off... The casino chip was right there! A world title shot, a chance to sit at the top of the table! But no… he's mor e worried about Moxley because old murder grandpa from Japan had heat with him. Ichiban? Not a chance...He needs leadership I can't give him, a direction I just can't plot out no more. What do you think? How do you lead someone that just won’t hear nothin’?" Cut to black.

They return to the show and move on to the next match. My intention of booking this part is to allow speculation to run wild. I want twitter to come alive. Everyone who likes modern wrestling wants to see what’s next for the man who once sat in a rocking chair.

Back in the arena the crowd are buzzing for an imminent debut of you-know-who, but they don't know when it will be... I want this filmed vignette to give the impression that it's a poorly kept secret, but it's not happening tonight…


Skip forward in the night to the last segment and the main event of the show, I want Moxley to enter through the crowd, eat up all that love. Moxley recently showed a style which was much more violent against Wheeler Yuta, it would be great to see him cut through Orange Cassidy in this manner too. Especially when they could potentially meet in the World Title Eliminator. It would be easy to book this as they are on the same side of the tournament bracket.


So have Jon cut one of his wild meandering promos about how the world is there for the sole purpose to kick the ass off, about how that AEW World Title was stolen from him and nothing will stand in his way to reclaim it, how he…. Mid sentence...the  lights cut off. Lights back on! There's Archer. He's calm. He’s on the left, Moxley is on the right. Moxley charges at him! Lights cut off again! The crowd don’t know what is going on. The commentary desk are equally confused! Lights come back on once more and Moxley is looking out to the hard cam side. Audibly furious. Who's behind him? A calm Lance Archer and Taylor Rotunda standing either side of the debuting, Windham Rotunda.

Windham has his hand on Lance Archer's shoulder. All three are calm. Looking straight at Moxley. Moxley can hear the reaction, he turns around… Rotunda claps Lance Archer on the shoulder. Archer attacks Moxley, with a steely rage and beats him down. He holds him up as Taylor Rotunda hits him with a superkick. Archer hits a blackout. Windham then picks up a broken Moxley, leans him back over his knee and looks out at the hard camera, smiling… He hits the move formerly known as Sister Abigail. All three stand facing the hard camera. Lance on the left, Taylor on the right and in the centre, Windham standing over Moxley with his arms open wide, Smiling... not a word. 

Cut to Black.

End of the show.