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Oct. 21, 2021

Casual Thoughts #001: Why AEW Will Be The New Juggernaut Of Pro Wrestling!

Casual Thoughts #001: Why AEW Will Be The New Juggernaut Of Pro Wrestling!

Casual Thoughts #001:

Why AEW Will Be The New Juggernaut Of Pro Wrestling!

By Harvey Smith.

I believe that AEW will be the new Juggernaut of Pro wrestling, with a difference. They will not be the braggadocios harriers that is the WWE, they will go about their business in an elegant and tasteful manner unless they are provoked into defending themselves (all of which we have seen so far).

For a Promotion still in its infancy AEW have consistently put up high numbers that haven't been seen since the likes of the WCW/ECW days. They have a young, very smart owner who listens to the fans and tries to give them what they want, but more importantly, deserve from a Pro Wrestling Promotion, but one of Tony Khans best traits so far is the fact he keeps his staff happy. Staff (being his wrestlers) he leans on the most experienced for advice on what should be done, he listens to what they have to say and he lets them run with what they think will be good for the fans, thus far under his tenure they have hardly put a foot wrong.

AEW realise the importance of the Women's division within Pro Wrestling, a division that has often been an after thought for so many of their competitors, not for AEW though as we've seen a few short weeks ago a new belt being introduced into the women's division. A belt that could so easily have been made another men's belt. AEW seem to know the value of the women's division and it’s great to see them get the push they deserve. 

Another division they have had major success with is the Men's Tag Team Division. The number of high quality matches this division produces is unreal, nearly every week on AEW Dynamite you will see a great Tag Team match. Again this is a Division that has been merely an afterthought of a certain promotion but the division has seen a massive resurgence in AEW and long may it continue!

They have opened the forbidden door, a door previously thought closed for good but AEW has made it happen. By opening the door there is a big opportunity for cross promotion and all Promotions involved will see a much needed boost in viewership. The more the forbidden door is utilised the potential for brand exposure and growth is increased as fans from other promotions and AEW alike will tune in to watch their favourite wrestlers take on the best from a 'rival' Promotion and each Promotion most likely will gain new followers as a result.

Wrestlers seem to be connected to the fans a lot more in AEW, akin to smaller Indy Wrestling promotions, to me this is because they are happy with their gimmicks (character), their gimmicks are an extension of themselves, they don't need to be completely faking it all the time around fans because well as I said, for the most part their gimmick is an extension of themselves something they have took, moulded and grew with as opposed to having something flung on them that they struggle to pull off and/or hate. When the fans feel more of a connection with the Wrestlers they enjoy watching that wee bit more and will always tune in to the shows.

The fans will have a major role in turning AEW into the new juggernaut. The happier they are - the more they talk, the more they talk - the more people will listen, the more people listen - the more people will watch and guess what? When they start watching - they will start talking and the process repeats itself. If AEW keep doing what they are doing they will be on level terms with the WWE in 5-10 years (could be sooner) after that it'll be onwards and upwards for not only AEW but also every single Promotion that has stepped through that forbidden door with them!