The Midweek Mashed Tattie


A sports/comedy podcast guaranteed to Mash Your Tattie. Join Harvey, Mick and Paul as they get together to talk about all the latest in their favourite sports. Each and every week we release three new episodes centred on a different area of sports. 


Combat Spuds: Mick takes the lads through the latest happenings across combat sports with a particular focus on MMA. We review the most recent fights and look ahead at what's to come, ending every episode with 'A Fight From the Archives' as Mick takes the lads down memory lane to enjoy a classic fight. 

WrestleMash: Each week Paul cuts a promo on the world of Professional Wrestling bringing the lads along for the ride as he goes through the latest news, tells us how they should have booked it in 'Paul's Fantasy Booking' and tests the lads knowledge with 'Paul's Wrestling Duels'. 


The Weekly Mix N Mash: Last but certainly not least, Harvey and his merry men dive in to the big wide world of Professional Sports in this no holds barred weekly round up. Harvey breaks down the latest and greatest from across all his favourite sports with a keen eye on Football (soccer) and Formula One. - This one is really not to be missed. 


If you want to learn more about the hosts, check out 'The Hosts' section. You can find the link at both the top and bottom of the page.